Heavenly cuisine under a starry sky: A very special pleasure

As the weather turns increasingly milder, pleasant temperatures mean we can spend some quality time outdoors well into the evening hours. Life now centres around the garden or terrace, where culinary delights are prepared in style.

Some people swear by the traditional charcoal grill, while others favour new, gentler grilling technologies or indulge in a stylish outdoor kitchen.

Fine cooking en plein air

Boasting high-end details and extras, the outdoor kitchen is a stylish highlight on any terrace. In terms of appearance alone, there are plenty of attractive options to choose from: In stainless steel or with concrete surfaces, in industrial design or in country-house style featuring fine local wood – the scope for individual design is virtually boundless.

But in addition to the right look, purely practical decisions also have to be made. Is the location a good choice for preparing meals in future? Is the necessary water and power supply available? What items of equipment are important for the favoured style of cooking? Is there enough space for a worktop? Is the outdoor area sheltered sufficiently from the weather? Or can covers be used to prevent damp and wet from building up and to keep out small animals?

In short, an outdoor kitchen calls for thorough planning.

Those who are unwilling to devote the necessary time to such matters may go for a state-of-the-art luxury barbecue system.

Fine grills in all their variety

Gas, electric or charcoal? Choosing the right grill today is no longer just down to such a straightforward decision. In addition to special designs, unusual options for preparing food also come into consideration. 

The teppanyaki grill adorns the terrace with a purist design straight out of Japan. A stainless steel hot plate serves to prepare fish, meat or vegetables swiftly and gently.

With its closed egg-shaped design and solid ceramic shell, the kamado grill is a real all-rounder. It offers a temperature range from 80 to 400 degrees Celsius, covering the entire spectrum from slow cooking at low temperatures to baking pizzas under extreme heat.

Open fire, glowing logs: The brazier offers all the crackling and sizzling fun of barbecuing food on an open grill. At the same time, its stylish minimalist look in stainless steel cuts a fine figure wherever it stands. And as an additional bonus, its fire continues to provide pleasant warmth long after the meal is over.

On a firm footing

Whichever type of grill you decide on, you need to be well prepared so as to ensure that outdoor cooking really is a pleasurable pastime. Equip your barbecue with a (wireless) LED lamp, for example, so that you can keep on eye on the food you are preparing when it’s dark outside. Make sure you use safe grill accessories, such as a pair of tongs with wide grippers. Ensure that the grill stands firmly on a safe, fire-proof surface which is also attractive to look at. The ground should ideally be simple and swift to clean – should a sausage fail to make it onto the plate in one piece.

Spicing things up with the right rub

True barbecue experts like to keep their personal rub recipes to themselves. “Rub” refers to the seasoning mix which is massaged into the meat after marinating. Before you start creating your own rub dish, here is a fast and really hot recipe. Just mix all the ingredients well and away you go.

Hot rib rub 
8 tbsp. brown sugar
4 tbsp. paprika powder
1 tbsp. salt
1 tbsp. black pepper
1 tbsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. cayenne pepper
1 tsp. chilli powder