Compliments from Chef

New restaurant concepts presented cleanly

Whether it's an innovative food concept or an unusual design: there are almost no limits to new ideas in restaurants. In many establishments, all senses are consistently chanelled to the essentials - to what is served on the table. In others, the new demand for purity and hygiene is already included in the concept.

Self-service: the new hygiene trend

Whether coffee to go or salad to take away, the good old concept of self-service is alive and well.

In a Berlin restaurant, you order your food online via an app, which is nothing new. What is new, however, is the way it is picked up. The finished dish is prepared exactly as in a self-service restaurant: in one of many flawless pick-up trays marked with your own name. Without coming into contact with a service staff member, the guest takes the dish from the flap, then chooses a wine, then a seat in the stylish restaurant and enjoys it,  a completely mechanical process.

Alongside hygiene and safety, good cuisine in hotels and restaurants is no longer imaginable without nature and sustainability, this is also reflected in new gastronomic concepts. This is important in furniture choice too,  but especially when it comes to handling food and dishes.

Cucumbers on the roof: Vertical Farming

In addition to the zero waste movement, which succeeds in literally putting delicious food on the table, a recent trend is urban farming: not only allotment gardeners in big cities grow their greens on roofs and in corners of metropolises. In gastronomy, too, ingredients are grown in the immediate vicinity of the kitchen. With vertical farming in rooftop greenhouses, guests can see for themselves that herbs or vegetables are grown in a climate-friendly way.

Urban Farming

The trend turns city rooftops into growing areas for herbs and vegetables