Stylish design and hygienic purity in perfect combination

Whether on the wall or on the floor, whether indoors or on the terrace, whether in the home environment or in commercial properties. Each tile from Villeroy & Boch not only meets the highest standards for all visual and interior design requirements, but also for hygiene and purity.

There is no better choice when it comes to hygiene and purity.

Porcelain  tiles from Villeroy & Boch are available in the most beautiful colours. During the manufacturing process, the unglazed ceramic is given an additional VilbostonePlus finish. This means that the floor tiles are protected against mechanical stress caused by wear and abrasion, also against chemicals from the moment they are laid. Their susceptibility to stains and dirt is thus significantly reduced for a lifetime.

Thanks to the CeramicPlus surface finish, Villeroy und Boch non-vitrous wall tiles are also permanently protected. The material gives impurities no chance to take hold - they simply roll off dirt-repellent surfaces without affecting the design. A wall with CeramicPlus surface is therefore particularly quick and easy to clean.


Easy Care

If something does get stuck, tiles can be cleaned again quickly without aggressive cleaners.

When safety comes first

Whenever safety is important and in addition, design is required, the sustainable, resistant and easy-to-clean tile can be used:  when allergic reactions to dust-binding materials should be reduced or when contamination from pets and street shoes must be completely eliminated. In short: when it comes to an environment in which one can feel comfortable without hesitation.