About us

On the following pages we would like to introduce ourselves: The company V&B Fliesen with its standards, its strengths and its journey into the future. 

Passion for architecture is our drive

To realise the highest standards of individual interior design. To create sustainably stylish and special ambience. To use new technologies intelligently. To give stiumulus to architecture: V&B Fliesen relies on the spirit of change. When it comes to shaping the future, we set new standards: Day after day, we think a little further ahead, so that we succeed in creating inspiring, holistic design solutions time and time again. 

The future has long since begun

Whether in production, design or sales: for us, the expansion of digital technologies has long been the basis for future success. For example, we network the knowledge gained from customer requests with innovative marketing tools to answer the demands and needs of international markets and to set new standards in design. The best prerequisites for constantly breaking new ground and supporting customers in the future more than ever in creating liveable sustainable spatial experiences. 

Inspiration and passion: our characterful design will continue to make creative signals in the future.

©Miguel Lorenzo y Mikel Ponce_LesArts

Our stylish design is at home everywhere

When it comes to realising great architectural ideas, V&B Fliesen is an internationally sought-after partner. We are at home all over the world, providing high-quality, innovative ceramic solutions for the design of a wide variety of areas. Planners and architects everywhere rely on our sophisticated series. In townhouses, lofts and country estates. In opera houses, museums and corporate headquarters. In cathedrals, resorts or concert halls. In short: in buildings that stand for their uniqueness.  

Timeless style leaves trends behind


tylish design and premium product quality outlast all fashionable, short-lived trends and tendencies: As market experts, we answer current consumer demands with naturally sustainable ceramic solutions. As innovative developers, we create ideas that simplify life in a variety of ways. As design pioneers, we create inspiring spatial experiences that are timeless, yet at the cutting edge. All these qualities make us a supplier and partner you can safely count on, even the day after tomorrow.  

The special will never go out of fashion.