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Welcome to spaces

Stylish environments, sophisticated design, contemporary fittings, intelligent materials - spaces, the brand world of Villeroy & Boch Tiles gives space to beautiful themes and smart ideas.

Zoom in on the stylish life

Nice to have you here!   

Here you can experience what makes the renowned tile brand so unique. Join us in the world of beautiful things - to  a timelessly stylish ambience in the most impressive dimensions.

We travel to impressive places and introduce you to inspiring personalities. We take a look back at history and catch a glimpse into the future of indulgence. But that's not all. Because the personality of Villeroy & Boch Tiles also includes numerous functional aspects, we also show you these sides of the brand.

On spaces, you can discover why tiles from Villeroy & Boch are exceptional in every respect and therefore make each environment something special. Regardless of whether you are a planner or architect and want to create an attractive property for your customers, or whether you are a builder who wants to create the perfect ambience for your own individual style of living - get inspired!


Stylish, individual, special: people who create beautiful things, places we want to see, things that reflect uniqueness.


Classic, trendy, unusual: reports on the unique combination of beauty, quality and tradition.


Actual, contemporary, worth knowing: backgrounds and details, exclusive tips and tricks around high-quality materials and their properties.


Dates, concepts, planning: Architects and planners will find reports, dates, concept ideas and planning support here.


Tiny Houses

Tips on planning and furnishing: How to arrange pure living in the smallest of spaces.


Noble ambience, purest surroundings

A private clinic for plastic aesthetic surgery creates a stylish retreat in a villa dating from 1908.


What, what for, where?

Colour, format, durability, hygiene properties: Many decisions have to be made when choosing materials for walls and floors.


Back down to earth

Prof. Frank Huster, Product Developer in Construction, Designer and Architect, on deciding the choice of materials.


Star Chef Heinz Winkler

With fine products and high-quality materials, star chef Heinz Winkler ensures that his guests feel completely comfortable.


The revolution in the kitchen

We thank the French Revolution that we go to a restaurant and choose from a menu today.


1860: Hygiene as a status symbol

It was thanks to a discovery by Louis Pasteur that the need for hygiene became fashionable


Everthing pristine

The 7-point programme for clearing out: helps you clean and breathe easily.


Highest standards of hospitality

Susanne Kleehaas, Victor's Residenz-Hotel Schloss Berg talking about material and design decisions


Compliments from Chef

Cleanliness in every respect: new restaurant concepts tuned to hygiene and sustainability.


Pets can bring in "unwanted guests"

Dirt, parasites & co.: Dogs can bring such things into the house


Switching off

Goodbye smartphone, bye bye tablet: more and more people are treating themselves to a digital time-out.


No room for allergies

Why dust mites damage your health and how to get rid of them quickly.


Stylish design and hygienic purity in perfect combination

Designing a home according to all the rules of beauty while also meeting the highest hygiene standards.


Wine takes its time

Meeting Peter Petgen, ninth generation winemaker and owner of the oldest recorded winery in Saarland.


Tradition and functionality are not a contradiction

Winemaker Peter Petgen on traditional winemaking and the requirement for the highest hygiene standards.


Why jam sandwiches end up on the jam side

How families with children, pets, cope with mess.