Noble ambience, purest surroundings

Villa Rothenberg in Zweibrücken, Saarland: classic art nouveau from 1908, restored a few years ago with all the technical refinements and according to the highest hygienic standards. The result is not a five-star hotel resort, but a private clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery.


The fact that the historic villa has become a jewel is part of the clinic's concept: Prof. Dr. med. Eva Lang, director of the clinic adds: "Those who, like us, are concerned with highlighting and maintaining individual beauty, value this in every respect. We have succeeded in creating an ambience that stimulates the well-being of our patients. After all, our goal is to make our patients radiate in everything we do."


High-quality restored stucco, exclusive design: inside Villa Rothenberg, carefully crafted fine materials and elaborate stylish details are at the forefront of the design. It goes without saying that the private clinic, where challenging operations are performed daily at the highest medical level, also fulfils all requirements in terms of functionality and hygiene. To meet all requirements, tiles are just as much a part of the clinic's furnishings as an interior design that is modern and contemporary.

"The equipment throughout the clinic, with its carefully selected materials, meets all hygiene specifications - and more."

Prof. Dr. med. Eva Lang

"We have a hygiene concept here that far exceeds that of a public hospital," says the director. "Whether in the examination or treatment rooms or in all private patients rooms, the furnishings throughout the house, with their carefully selected materials, meet all the hygiene specifications with stylish ambience. An aspect, by the way, that contributes decisively to the harmonious ambience in which patients can feel not only comfortable but also safe.