Thoughts on fresh air!

Working at home – when the weather’s warm, that means working outside, too. You just need to know how to shape a stylish setting that will get your creative juices flowing.

Whether you relocate your workplace to a small balcony, a large terrace or a spacious garden, you’ll lack motivation and concentration without the right blend of atmosphere and functionality.

For work at the laptop, the same rules apply as indoors: If you’re working in your outdoor office for longer stretches, your chair and table should be set up according to ergonomic requirements. The correct seated position will help to keep back problems at bay. Table legs and chair legs should not sink into the lawn. Rather, they should stand firmly on a robust, level surface.


Light and shade

The right light conditions are also important when working at a computer. An awning, parasol or simply a place in the shade will reduce the glare of the sun and help you to keep a cool head – even in the event of a sudden shower. Should your work draw on into the evening, a wireless, battery-powered lamp will shed a little light even in the remotest corners.

Apropos power - a powerbank will serve to keep smartphones, laptops & co. running for hours where a mains extension cable would spoil the overall style of your work set-up. And a Wifi repeater will keep you in touch with the world, should reception in the garden prove inadequate.

Have you found a dazzling place? A roller blind provides shade on the monitor.


Combining shelter from the sun with power generation offers potential for real savings. A terrace roof with solar power panelling offers pleasant shade, and on fine summer days it also functions as a mini power plant which will cut your electricity bills considerably.

A mini studio in the garden

If the combination of design and comfort is paramount for you, you may want to consider installing a fully fledged second workplace.

The tiny house among outdoor offices can be installed using a fork-lift truck and offers everything you need to work in the natural setting of your garden in just 4.6 m² of space.

Time for a creative break? A deckchair or hammock won’t be far away, so you can take some time out to enjoy a special day.