Tiles in outdoor areas: The combination of stylish design and functional merits

In the summer months, the home opens up onto the terrace and into the garden. Stylish yet robust porcelain stoneware tiles from Villeroy & Boch extend the living area into the open air and create settings in which to relax and enjoy special moments.

Rain and falling leaves in the autumn, snow and ice in the winter, blazing sunshine and heat in the summer – outdoor tiles are exposed to a whole range of different influences throughout the year. Yet they are robust enough to cope with outdoor conditions without losing their natural allure.

No fading, even in the brightest sunlight.
In contrast to wood, concrete and natural stone surfacing, tiles are absolutely light-fast. They do not fade when exposed to sunlight and their colours do not change. Tiles remain as attractive as on day one, without requiring any subsequent touching up or intensive care work such as oiling, grinding or painting.

No messing with these tiles.
What could be better than summertime in the garden or on the terrace - including parties with friends and barbecues with the family. It’s good to know that such get-togethers won’t leave any unsightly traces behind. Should anything unintentionally land up on the ground – be it a sausage from the grill, a piece of cherry pie or a helping of salad dressing – with the VilbostonePlus surface finish, a brief wipe is all it takes to get everything spic and span again.


No slipping on wet surfaces.

Splashes of water around the pool or leaves on pathways are no matter for concern with Villeroy & Boch outdoor tiles. They come with R11/B slip resistance to help you maintain a firm tread.

Frost leaves tiles cold.

Even temperatures below freezing barely leave a trace on the natural ceramic material. Villeroy & Boch tiles are frost-proof and weather-resistant when laid in the correct manner.

Ultimate flexibility.
Tiles are the ideal choice for the most diverse conditions and construction methods. They are suitable for conventional or loose laying on various types of foundations. They can also be laid on pile foundations.

Tough enough for heavy traffic.

Surfacings on a driveway or for a carport come in for some heavy use. Surfacings consisting of Villeroy & Boch tiles are able to withstand vehicles with a gross weight of up to 7.5 t.

Style and atmosphere included.

In addition to their various functional merits, Villeroy & Boch tiles also offer a wealth of design variety that opens up

vast scope for shaping outdoor areas according to individual wishes: Tiles in concrete, stone and wood look are available in formats up to 120x120 cm, with rectified edges allowing them to be laid with narrow joints – so as to emphasize the spacious overall look of a swimming pool, for example. Various functional trims provide additional creative options for garden design – in the form of individual highlights such as steps, seating, borders and a host of other options.