Fascinating blue: On the allure of water

The waterside holds an unequalled appeal for us all. We dream of sitting beside the sea, a lake or a river and indulging in the experience of deep relaxation which is unique to the water’s edge. Where does this fascination come from?

An exhilarating element

Water appeals to all our senses, captivating us with the force of giant waves or the glassy-smooth surface of a lake. Or the thrill of walking barefoot along a beach, the deafening roar of the surf or the taste of salt in the air.

Mystical power

There is no concrete scientific explanation for the attraction of water. It is evident that we are magically drawn to water and its calming, relaxing effect. There is another side to water, too: Its unfathomable power and vastness also exude a fascinating allure.

No other element on earth makes us feel so small and unremarkable, no other element captures our imagination in quite the same way as water. Water is associated with a whole host of legends and adventures which are still very much alive in our imagination today. Nessie, Moby Dick and Jaws fill us with a sense of horror. Mermaids are said to have beguiled sailors, beckoning them to their ruin.

Unknown underwater worlds: 
A realm of myths and fantasies.

The unexplored depths

While water covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface and forms the largest continuous eco-system, it is the element about which we have the least scientific knowledge. Only 5% of the deep sea has undergone scientific exploration. Two thirds of the organisms living down to a depth of eleven kilometres are largely unknown.

A restorative climate

The seaside is not only a relaxing environment, it is also beneficial to the health. This is due to the bracing climate which prevails at the North Sea and the Baltic Sea here in Germany. Salt, iodine, magnesium and trace elements in the sea air stimulate the immune system. Strong winds and varying temperatures mobilise and strengthen the body’s defences.

Your own individual waterworld

Most people obviously do not have the option of upping sticks and moving to the sea so as to enjoy a life of maritime pleasures. For those who wish to incorporate aquatic delights into their daily lives, there are various ways of creating individual tranquil settings with a diverse range of water features - from a gently pattering fountain on the terrace through a stylishly designed pool area to a swimming pond that conjures up an authentic natural setting as part of our everyday home environment.