Water: A pure pleasure

Whether it’s a swimming pond, a pool or a mini fountain: There are plenty of ways to prepare a stylish staging of refreshing water in your own garden. In a very wide array of forms, integrated into a terraced landscape, or in the heart of endless greenery and off the beaten track.

Swimming pond: Bathing in nature

A swimming pond marries the natural look of a garden pond with the benefits of a pool. There is a difference, however: Even in autumn and winter, outside the classic swimming season, the plant life found in a swimming pond makes it a genuine enrichment for the garden landscape. Thanks to the natural ecosystem that the mini lake builds up over the course of time, there is no need to use chemicals or water pumps here, either. The pond is divided into two zones, enabling nature to do work like this on its own. In the regeneration zone, aquatic plants such as water lilies and cattails absorb nutrients from the environment, ensuring natural cleansing. And in the bathing zone, there is pure, unclouded refreshment to look forward to.

Water object: Mediterranean atmosphere

It may be a tiny fountain, a source stone or a bubbling water bowl. The sight of water, possibly with a slight splashing sound – this is all you need to create a relaxed atmosphere. As water objects have reservoirs of their own, they can actually fit wherever you wish, provided a reliable power supply is available to power the pump. A firm foundation is also of crucial importance. As a water object has a capacity of at least several litres and considerable weight as a result, a secure footing must be guaranteed.

Pool: Cool relaxation

Sitting alongside the water and enjoying a cooling off from time to time. If you want to take this relaxing scenario home with you, you’re probably thinking about installing a pool. The good news: There are now many ways to keep operating costs down by using natural sources of energy. Just a southern exposure alone will ensure that the water is warmed naturally in the sustained sunshine, giving the heat pump a frequent break. A solar pool heater can also use solar panels to collect the thermal energy of the sun and pass it along to the pool pump. Fittings known as ‘solar rings’ combine the benefits of a pool cover with those of a photovoltaic system. These air cushions are simply placed on the water’s surface where they absorb the heat of the sun and pass it along directly to the water.

A solid basis for stylish outdoor design

Because safe and functional surroundings are always important when dealing with water outdoors, tiles made of porcelain stoneware are the material of choice. With plenty of different designs, this natural and authentic material is well-suited to the discerning expectations of stylish surroundings. With the help of special trims, pool edges and other edging areas can be integrated into the overall picture as elegantly and harmoniously as, for example, ledges, platforms or steps. Tiles in large formats with rectified edges can be laid with small joint spacing.

This creates an overall impression of generous proportions, not just on terraces but in the pool area itself, while simplifying cleaning at the same time. It just remains to be pointed out that porcelain stoneware tiles in the Villeroy & Boch Outdoor range are not only easy to clean, frost-proof and weather-resistant, thanks to the VilbostonePlus surface finish. Even changes in colour as a result of sunlight cannot cloud the top-class overall impression.

Sought-after destination in the South

Who doesn’t dream of travelling south, of a pool with a view of the sea, of relaxing days and nights beneath the stars?