Heavenly delights On exclusive nights out in the open

Relaxation, peace and quiet, endless freedom out in the country. Far from the world of air beds and camping mats, hotels offer exclusive options for spending the night out in the open. With a clear view of the moon and stars above, everything is aligned for a very special night-time experience. 

Holidays offering a unique take on rest and relaxation are very much the in-thing in the travel business. Ideas off the beaten track of mass tourism are of particular interest here, with a focus on experiences in line with the principles of sustainability and centring on slow movement, self-fulfilment and mindfulness. A holiday combining the outdoor experience with five-star service in impressive natural surroundings is one example of such a “rest and recreation” offering. 

Awake to the splendours of the sunrise

A night spent under the stars is really something out of the ordinary. Far from the lights and noise of civilisation, an especially pristine experience awaits the discerning tourist. A touch of luxury never goes amiss, either: Quality beds, a fine wine to accompany the nocturnal delights, a lush breakfast and a perfect WiFi connection are all included. The accommodation options are as creative and diverse as the degree of independence on offer. A tree house in the depths of the forest or up and away from it all in the mountains promises boundless freedom. Those of a more cautious disposition will go for the open-air experience with all contingencies covered: The cosy XL hotel bed fitted with castors can be rolled out onto the guest’s spacious private terrace – and swiftly returned inside at the first sign of rain. 

The enticing allure of glamping

Putting the glamour into camping, ‘glamping’ is at home all over the world - from the South African savanna to the mountains of Switzerland, from the Baltic Sea to the paddy fields of Bali. Lodge tents offer the ultimate in refinement, from four-poster beds through first-class dining to relaxing wellness amenities. 

How does dining in style in the middle of nowhere take you?

Scanning the firmament

A night in the open air will have your eyes wandering all over the hopefully cloudless skies. An astronomy app for smartphones maps out the constellations above.

The best-known apps for scanning the heavens are Star Walk 2, Sky View lite and Star Chart. All the apps are free in their basic versions and are available for both iOS and Android.