Digital Lavender Colour as Trend Colour for 2023

Inspiration for styling, vision for interior design: When the Trend Colours of the Year are defined, they become a driving force behind fresh creations in colour. In 2023, one of these is Digital Lavender.



Greener living A stylish garden environment throughout the year

Flower beds, pots or flower boxes, romantic, minimalist or Mediterranean, monochrome or full of colour – for anyone wishing to design their own individual environment in their garden or on their terrace, rigorous planning is always the starting point. A harmoniously coordinated planting plan is always the key to a year-round green oasis, however little space may be available.


Thoughts on fresh air!

Working at home – when the weather’s warm, that means working outside, too. You just need to know how to shape a stylish setting that will get your creative juices flowing.


Heavenly cuisine under a starry sky: A very special pleasure

As the weather turns increasingly milder, pleasant temperatures mean we can spend some quality time outdoors well into the evening hours. Life now centres around the garden or terrace, where culinary delights are prepared in style.


Urban farming: Fresh from the rooftops

Rosemary on the 32nd floor. Aubergines in the courtyard. Cucumbers on the roof: There are all kinds of projects around the world combining stylish urban living with the sustainable cultivation of herbs, fruit or vegetables.


Colour remains colour remains colour

Why tiles are colourfast for a long time and also have a lot to offer in terms of sustainability.


Pro Architectura 3.0 - Colour system for architecture

What can colour achieve in design? We clarify this question with colour researcher Prof. Dr. Axel Buether.


Reflection in WHITE - the colour of the future

About the properties of a very special color


Tiny Houses

Tips on planning and furnishing: How to arrange pure living in the smallest of spaces.


Everthing pristine

The 7-point programme for clearing out: helps you clean and breathe easily.


Pets can bring in "unwanted guests"

Dirt, parasites & co.: Dogs can bring such things into the house


Switching off

Goodbye smartphone, bye bye tablet: more and more people are treating themselves to a digital time-out.


No room for allergies

Why dust mites damage your health and how to get rid of them quickly.


Stylish design and hygienic purity in perfect combination

Designing a home according to all the rules of beauty while also meeting the highest hygiene standards.


Why jam sandwiches end up on the jam side

How families with children, pets, cope with mess.