Colour remains colour remains colour

Villeroy & Boch tiles are full of good qualities: they are lightfast and colourfast, easy to clean, durable and therefore also impressive in terms of sustainability. The best prerequisites for a stylish and high-quality ambience in any environment and for any use. These details are responsible for the quality:

SINUS moulded parts for Pro Architectura 3.0: clever idea for durability and hygiene

Ceramic surfaces are always placed on differently layered constructions:  
For example, on floating screeds, on plastered masonry walls or on support slabs. Since the different materials expand differently depending on the climate or moisture absorption, stresses and cracks in connection areas are the result.  

Eine barrierefreie Gestaltung von Bädern ist mithilfe der SINUS Formteile problemlos möglich

In order to reduce the possible damage caused by moisture, for example, a permanently elastic joint is formed in the joint area of wall and floor surfaces with the help of silicone, which compensates for the expansion of different materials. However, such permanently elastic grouting in angles and corners often leads to contamination by dirt and soap residues. In combination with moisture, this creates an ideal breeding ground for mould. 

V&B Fliesen commissioned the architect Prof. Frank Huster to develop a sustainable solution for use in the Pro Architectura 3.0 tile series. Thanks to individually applicable moulded parts, the joint is no longer placed in the critical corner between walls and floor. The tiles can now be used in such a way that the joint is only formed after the corner of the room and a soft, rounded transition is created. Construction problems are avoided and the maintenance effort for the permanently elastic joint is significantly reduced. Hygiene issues also no longer arise to the usual extent. 

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Frank Huster

The SINUS system made of glazed vitrified clay has been developed both for private bathrooms and for use in public swimming pools, rehabilitation clinics or retirement homes. Threshold-free access to recessed showers and other surfaces can be made barrier-free thanks to the joint solution. This is an advantage, especially in view of the demographic change in our society and the associated increasing demands in health management. 

Sanfter Niveauausgleich(1), weiche Übergänge(2) und erhöhte Kanten(3).

Colour Management: the most important factor for colour quality

The Pro Architectura 3.0 tile series is available in a wide variety of colour shades, each of which is defined as a basis for architects' work in the RAL and NCS colour systems. In order to be able to adapt the Pro Architectura 3.0 colours as accurately as possible for all subsequent production processes, precise colour management is necessary. Colour Management is used wherever different technical systems such as printing systems, scanners or monitors and different developers such as colour and ink manufacturers, architects and graphic designers have to speak an identical colour language.  

In order to adhere to the colour specification determined by the designers at Villeroy & Boch Tiles, the colour management system controls the input and output process. Since a different colour palette is available in ceramics than in paper printing, for example, profiling ensures that the possible colour space can be simulated on the input device. In this way, a colour-identical result can be achieved, whether on ceramics, paper or other substrates.  

VilboStone: the synonym for porcelain stoneware from Villeroy & Boch

The Pro Architectura 3.0 series is available with various surfaces: glazed stoneware, matt and glossy stoneware and VilboStone porcelain stoneware. The different surface structures not only create the best conditions for durability, they also ensure exciting combination possibilities with other materials.   

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VilbostonePlus: the best properties for porcelain stoneware

VilbostonePlus is applied to the unglazed porcelain stoneware during the manufacturing process. Tiles finished in this way are less sensitive to dirt and stains and are therefore particularly easy to clean. They are also more resistant to mechanical stress, chemicals, wear and abrasion. 

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CeramicPlus surface finish: cleaning made easy

Coloured wall tiles in particular need consistent care. Residues of limescale and cleaning agents become visible more quickly here, but thanks to the CeramicPlus surface finish they can be cleaned quickly, easily and without aggressive cleaners. A long, shiny life is thus also guaranteed for coloured tiles. 

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