Digital Lavender Colour as Trend Colour for 2023

Inspiration for styling, vision for interior design: When the Trend Colours of the Year are defined, they become a driving force behind fresh creations in colour. In 2023, one of these is Digital Lavender.

Of all the colours out there, what prompted the selection of this light violet hue? The answer to this question hails from a host of colour experts with their finger on the pulse of colour trends in digital media. They identified a clear trend towards bright colours that are cheerful and calming at the same time. The trend, incidentally, is towards colours that consistently continue the colour preferences of recent years. With shades of light yellow and light brown, the spotlight was on tones representing security and a feel-good atmosphere.

Security and tranquillity, set off against everyday life

According to colour psychology, the favourite shades of tomorrow will also revolve around communicating warmth, harmony and security. Why is this so? As more and more people spend the majority of their time in front of their computer screens, they will increasingly yearn for relaxation and nature – the very factors that the current trend colours convey.

Applications throughout the home

Whether the trend colours selected today and in the future happen to be Digital Lavender or one of many other colours – all of them will help shape our surroundings. Whether as a design element within a room, on walls or on floors. With more than 40 nuances, it’s magnificent indeed that the Pro Architectura 3.0 range always has a part to play in this – in the case of Digital Lavender, with an entire array of hues offering a perfect complement to delicate violet.