Digital Lavender Colour as Trend Colour for 2023

Inspiration for styling, vision for interior design: When the Trend Colours of the Year are defined, they become a driving force behind fresh creations in colour. In 2023, one of these is Digital Lavender.



The mysterious power of colours

In his new book, “Die geheimnisvolle Macht der Farben” (“The mysterious power of colours”), Germany’s leading colour expert once again vividly illuminates how colours are used not only as a decorative element but also serve to influence our behaviour and perceptions in manifold ways.



Colour remains colour remains colour

Why tiles are colourfast for a long time and also have a lot to offer in terms of sustainability.


Karim Rashid: The pop star among designers

An interview on the colorfulness of the world and inspiring experiences in space.


Room colour - room for colour

Room colour, room for colour can be measured to the exact shade and thus used in even more nuanced ways


Pro Architectura 3.0 - Colour system for architecture

What can colour achieve in design? We clarify this question with colour researcher Prof. Dr. Axel Buether.


The rediscovery of colour: The maestro of pigment from Aichstetten

Artists, restorers and designers all over the world swear by colour pigments from the Allgäu to reproduce the finest nuances of colour.


Expression and impression: How colour changed spaces

The skilful use of colour has always been a basis for individual, sophisticated interior design.


The effect of colour

Prof. Dr. Axel Buether on the use of colour and its influence on people


Colour, an experience for all the senses

An interview with colour researcher Prof. Dr. Axel Buether about the multisensory perception of colours.


Reflection in WHITE - the colour of the future

About the properties of a very special color


Winemaker Ernst F. Loosen: Wine is enjoyed with all the senses

The star winemaker from the Mosel discloses what makes great wines a multi-sensory experience.