1860: Hygiene as a status symbol

This is thanks to the research of the chemist Louis Pasteur, who discovered that many diseases are caused by microscopic living organisms known as bacteria. A discovery with epoch-making consequences for mankind, his health and daily life: Body culture, i.e. cleansing with water, which until then had been largely frowned upon, especially in better circles, was suddenly all the rage.


Tiles: Materials that meet the highest standards of elegance, hygiene and purity.

In order to be able to satisfy the new desire for extensive personal hygiene and cleanliness in comfort, public bathing establishments were then built all over Germany and Europe.

Especially in private homes, however, the stylishly equipped bathroom was becoming the status symbol par excellence. These bathrooms were naturally equipped with materials that meet the highest standards of elegance, hygiene and cleanliness: With noble wall and floor tiles that were robust and easy to clean due to their texture that fulfilled individual design requirements thanks to their ceramic diversity. From the past even to the present day.

In 1900 hygiene and purity become bathroom luxury – Bathroom of Villeroy & Boch

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