What, what for, where?

Advice for the choice of material

Anyone who builds, renovates or extends has to make many decisions. For example, which materials are best suited for floors and walls, meet hygiene requirements, are easy to clean and also look good. The following tips make the exciting choice easier.

More beautiful living?

of course, the home should fulfil all individual furnishing desires in terms of style and design. But functional criteria such as easy maintenance, long durability and safe hygiene should also be included in the decision. Good to know that functionality and style are  both possible in tiles.

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Child, dog, door to the garden?

These are all factors that lead to more dirt and higher hygiene requirements. This is where a floor made of easy-care, easy-to-clean and perhaps even non-slip, water-repellent ceramic is called for.

Stylish nuances or practical surface?

Whether the choice is between sophisticated designs or restrained, simple surfaces - the living area plays a role when deciding on colour, shape and format.  Of course different criteria  apply in the bedroom than in the living room.

Bold colour or muted tones?

Just don't make the mistake of choosing the most colourful of colours! Timeless design sets the scene in rooms more sustainably and will still be looked at with pleasure years later.


Fluffy carpet?

Long-pile carpets not only highlight, they also bring cosy comfort. Especially when they are as easy to clean as the practical surface material underneath.

Cold feet, loud noise?

If underfloor heating is planned, the surface must of course be suitable for it. If quiet is required, the material on the ceiling and wall contributes to sound insulation.

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Natural, sustainable, pollutant-free?

Some floor coverings contain pollutants or emit chemical vapour. If you are sensitive or have small children, opt for natural products such as tiles. They are also durable and, depending on the laying materials, almost 100% recyclable.


Longlasting ambience?

Many materials look perfect and transform rooms with few (even financial) resources. However, especially when it comes to floor coverings, it pays to pay attention to quality that will not lose its flair even after decades.

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