Everthing pristine

At some point, even the once wonderfully reduced flat is full of everything you have collected over time again. Holiday memories, books, accessories and simple collections of unnecessary junk. Parting with belongings not only helps you get your flat clean and hygienic again quickly, it also helps you breathe a sigh of relief. With this thorough cleaning, the so-called interior detoxing, you are not only doing good for your immediate environment but for your pristine mind and body too.

Hier ein paar Tipps ohne Trennungsschmerz:

Not used for a year? Stay consistent and get rid of it.

Pack boxes. A few things every day. Until there is nothing left to put away.

Keep an overview. First a drawer, then a shelf, then a whole room.

Set a deadline. It should be realistic so that the fun doesn't fade away.

Speaking of fun. Music motivates immensely.

Know where to go. Quickly get rid of it, donate, etc. discarded items to prevent relapses.

Whether it's spring cleaning or winter laundry: a little cleaning action at the end of day - and  living becomes wonderfully relaxed again.

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